Baker Hughes takes on horizontal shale plays with new motor


Baker Hughes takes on horizontal shale plays with new motor

HOUSTON -- Baker Hughes has announced the launch of the Navi-Drill Ultra Curve drilling motor, which drills high-build curves with precise directional control in horizontal shale plays.

Featuring reduced bit-to-bend length and improved toolface control, the Ultra Curve motor completes the vertical, curve, and lateral in one run, thereby exposing more of the reservoir and increasing well efficiency and productivity.

Because the steerable motor has a smaller adjustable kickoff angle requirement, it can provide higher and more consistent build-up rates in the curve section and better rotation through higher dogleg severities. It also delivers improved directional steering control through the lateral section and enhanced hole cleaning in the vertical section.

The Ultra Curve motor extends footage and rates of penetration in the vertical sections and improves the performance and directional consistency in the build section of wells, enabling precise wellbore placement and improving overall drilling performance and reducing well costs.

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