New Sofeat viscometer can reach pressures up to 1,900 bar


New Sofeat viscometer can reach pressures up to 1,900 bar

VILLEMANDEUR, France -- Sofraser reinforces its presence on very high pressure applications for viscosity measurement needed for fracturing, drilling and PVT experiments (Pressure, Viscosity, Temperature). As the market is exploring more and more on extreme conditions to find resources such as oil and gas; instrumentation in situ goes deeper downhole, to monitor the quality of sophisticated fluids as well as mixes of oil and brine, water, etc.

Sofraser’s new Sofeat inline viscometer can reach pressures up to 1,900 bar, a performance unequalled for process viscosity measurement using the vibrating technology. Featuring high pressure mounting flange, highly resistant material and sensing element design improvements, the sensor reaches the very high viscosity performances without loss of sensitivity. Up to 300°C, the pressure can resist up to 1,400 bar; increasing up to 1,900 bar at ambient temperature.

With numerous underground applications, the Sofeat viscometer receives a lot of interest from all over the world and first units are being delivered on very high value projects for OEM integration on in situ installations. The Sofeat results provide sensitive viscosity measurement for large viscosity ranges.

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