Leni Gas & Oil provides update on Goudron field redevelopment


Leni Gas & Oil provides update on Goudron field redevelopment

LONDON -- Leni Gas & Oil (LGO) provided an update on its Goudron field redevelopment activities in Trinidad. Well GY-664, the first of 30 planned development wells, has now been logged and cased to total depth. The second planned well, expected to be designated GY-665, will be spudded shortly.

After provisional analysis of the full electronic logs, GY-664 has penetrated over 1,500 ft of gross sand in three formations; the Goudron, Gros Morne and Lower Cruse, with a calculated total net oil pay of 571 ft. After analysis of the logs it has been decided to complete the well as a Gros Morne production well.

It is now intended to perforate a total of between 270 to 300 ft of Gros Morne oil pay in GY-664 in order to optimise production from the overall gross sandstone interval. Simultaneous production of the Lower Cruse and Gros Morne is not possible due to the different pressures encountered and the possibility of cross-flow between the higher and lower pressured formations. Perforation will be by means of tubing conveyed guns (TCP) at a rate of 6 shots per ft.

During the drilling phase mud weights were controlled to significantly below the historic levels used in the offset wells and it is therefore expected that formation damage, typically associated with the old wells, will have been minimised. The combination of less formation damage and improved perforation techniques are expected to contribute to production rates which have historically been constrained by the practices available at the time.

The Lower Cruse was found to be in a poorer depositional setting in GY-664 than had been prognosed. Although producible oil is shown to be present on the logs and wells in similar facies have produced commercial quantities of oil in the past, the greater production potential of the Gros Morne is seen to be most appropriate objective for the completion of this well.

Once the casing operations have been fully completed at GY-664 Well Services Rig 20 will be move a short distance to the GY-665 drilling location. Work-over rig Altech-2 will be used to perforate the planned interval of Gros Morne reservoir and run a completion for production. Rig-20 will independently commence drilling of GY-665.

Well H18E-H6, which is expected to be designated as GY-665, has a total planned depth of 3,500 ft and is anticipated to intersect with all three prospective reservoir intervals and to encounter the Lower Cruse at around 3,000 ft. Wells GY-664 and GY-665 are separated by a known fault zone with the reservoir formations anticipated to be structurally shallower in GY-665.

Neil Ritson, LGO CEO, commented: "Completion of the extensive oil pay in the Gros Morne in GY-664 presents the best production potential in the first well. The Goudron Sands can be completed at a later date. The next well, GY-665, will be drilled to at least 3,500 ft and will investigate the Lower Cruse in a different structural setting. Production from GY-664 is expected to commence shortly."

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