Green solution designed for formation stabilization in shale plays


Green solution designed for formation stabilization in shale plays

CUERO, Texas -- Phoenix Chemical Technologies has introduced KCL MAX, a proprietary, polymeric formulation clay and swelling shale stabilizer that is applied in small liquid doses to achieve desired formation stabilization results during drilling, fracking, workover and well-stimulation. It is designed to work most effectively at a ratio of 3%–5%/100 gal of fluids make up, and is especially beneficial in perforating fluid systems.

When used in shale drilling applications, the near-solids-free nature of clear brine fluids, and the controlled high densities they achieve, contributes significantly to stabilization of sensitive formations. Additionally, when utilized as a stabilizer in a drill-in fluid, the low-solids nature of brine fluids contribute to increased penetration rates and lower abrasion for longer bit life.

KCL MAX eliminates the need to handle and apply dangerous bulk chemicals, and delivers even better results in a wide range of applications. As part of the company’s green solutions family of products, it is environmentally safe and requires no Department of Transportation documentation, or the use of PPE for personnel on site.

It has superior performance characteristics and is formulated specifically to replace other hazardous liquid equivalents. KCL MAX is non-foaming and mixes easily into the system.  It does not require pretreatment or a slow sifting into the base fluid.

KCL MAX is used as a fluid and formation stabilizer, and solids carrier, in any water-based system, and is temperature stable to 4,000°F. It does not require a slurry, can be mixed on the fly and is manufactured domestically.

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