NEWS FROM AAPG 2014: Tamar transformed Israel’s fortunes, Noble V.P. says


NEWS FROM AAPG 2014: Tamar transformed Israel’s fortunes, Noble V.P. says

ROGER JORDAN, Associate Editor

HOUSTON – Israel’s Tamar field has transformed Israel’s fortunes and established a new political dynamic in the region, Noble Energy’s Susan Cunningham told the AAPG’s annual convention in Houston.

Cunningham, senior V.P of U.S. Gulf of Mexico, Africa and Frontier Regions, referenced the company’s activities in the Eastern Mediterranean, among others, during an address on the positive impacts of exploration at ACE 2014.

Noble stands behind two major gas discoveries offshore Israel: Tamar and Leviathan. According to Cunningham, Tamar, which has averaged 750 MMcf/d since it started production in March 2013, has positively impact Israel.

The benefits associated with Tamar, she said, include areas as diverse as the environment, the economy and regional stability. Tamar, she said, has had a “very, very positive impact” on the environment.

Natural gas has become Israel’s “fuel of choice,” she said, with customers more than doubling in 15 years. 
Tamar is “changing the dynamics in the whole region, politically. We signed some agreements to export to Jordan; there are conversations with Cyprus and Turkey and Egypt. And it is amazing the difference, in a very positive way, in that whole region; hopefully, making a difference in terms of a more peaceful area, in the end, as those countries work together,” she said.

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