MicroSeismic wins downhole monitoring project in Permian basin


MicroSeismic wins downhole monitoring project in Permian basin

HOUSTON -- MicroSeismic, Inc. has signed its first downhole hydraulic fracture monitoring contract in the Permian basin since acquiring downhole acquisition equipment earlier this year. 

The project will take place on the heels of similar ongoing projects in other North American basins.  The project includes downhole monitoring in conjunction with MicroSeismic’s proprietary EventPick processing technology.

EventPick provides an independent evaluation of well stimulation results for projects that are suitable for downhole monitoring.  The solution provides operators with fracture geometry and azimuth, discrete fracture network characterization, estimations of stimulated reservoir volume, and recommendations for completions optimization.

Terry Jbeili, COO, MicroSeismic said, “our clients want to better understand how their wells are being completed.  MicroSeismic is providing measurement of vertical fracture growth, comparison of different completion designs, and well spacing and stage spacing recommendations.  All of these measurements are extremely important in understanding how to develop the vertically stacked unconventional plays within the Permian.”

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