ION states multi-client 2D seismic survey offshore Peru


ION states multi-client 2D seismic survey offshore Peru

HOUSTON, TEXAS -- ION states that it has been awarded permits to acquire 12,600 kms of seismic data offshore Peru.The 2D multi-client survey, known as PeruSPAN, covers the offshore margin from the Talara basin in the north, to the Pisco basin in the south.ION has developed the program in close cooperation with, and input from, PeruPetro, to increase geological knowledge to benefit the development of the Peruvian hydrocarbon industry.

Doug Allinson, Vice President, Latin America for ION’s GeoVentures division, commented, “Oil and gas companies are becoming increasingly interested in the hydrocarbon potential of basins offshore Peru, driven by several significant finds in the area and Peru’s open and encouraging business environment.PeruSPAN is the first regional, deep focused integrated geological and geophysical interpretation of the area and is designed to provide oil and gas companies with a strategic view of the basin and enhanced reservoir characterization of this promising area.”

Acquisition is expected to commence in 2014.Data will be processed by ION’s GX Technology group using its WiBand broadband processing technologies, with data deliveries expected to start in 2015.

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