Pateke-4H drilling moves forward, New Zealand


Pateke-4H drilling moves forward, New Zealand

SYDNEY, Australia -- AWE reported the Pateke-4H development well was at a measured depth of 4,700m and drilling ahead on a horizontal trajectory through the Kapuni F10 sandstone reservoir with an 8 1/2-in. drilling assembly.

The reservoir was intersected at 4,023m and operations have drilled 677m horizontally through the F10 reservoir section with approximately 681m remaining to reach a planned total measured depth of 5,381m, following which a 6 5/8-in. production liner will be installed.

Results to date are positive with oil shows and “real time” measurement logs consistent with pre-drill estimates. The commercial significance of Pateke-4H will be determined once horizontal drilling is completed and the reservoir size and quality is fully assessed.

The Pateke-4H development well is in PMP 38158 and AWE is the operator. Located in the offshore Taranaki basin, New Zealand, PMP 38158 contains the Tui, Amokura and Pateke fields and has been producing since 2007.

Pateke-4H is targeting a mapped northern extension of the currently producing Pateke field. The well is being drilled in water depth of approximately 124m with a planned total measured depth of 5,381m, including a 1,326m horizontal section. If successful, the well will be completed for subsequent tie-back to the Tui FPSO (Umuroa) for production in 2015.

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