Texas family wins $3-million verdict against fracturing operator


Texas family wins $3-million verdict against fracturing operator

WISE COUNTY, Texas -- A Dallas jury awarded a family $3 million for the illnesses they suffered from exposure to contaminated ground water, solid toxic waste and airborne chemicals generated by natural gas hydraulic fracturing operations surrounding their 40-acre ranch.

The verdict against Aruba Petroleum is seen as a landmark decision for opponents of fracing. Robert and Lisa Parr, along with their daughter, began experiencing health problems in 2009, after Aruba began drilling the first of 20 wells, which the company operates less than two mi from the Parr's ranch near Decatur, Texas, about 45 mi northwest of Fort Worth.

Air quality tests conducted by The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality found hazardous air within a quarter mile of the Parr home that could lead to respiratory and neurological risks.

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