CNOOC EVP assumes role of Nexen CEO


CNOOC E.V.P. assumes role of Nexen CEO

CALGARY, Alberta -- Following a 20-year career with Nexen, Kevin Reinhart is departing from his role as CEO of Nexen Energy, a wholly-owned subsidiary of CNOOC.

Fang Zhi, E.V.P., CNOOC, is assuming the position of Nexen CEO. Zhi will bring considerable operational and technical depth to the position; detailed knowledge of CNOOC's organization and processes; and extensive executive-level leadership experience at CNOOC.

His 30-year career with CNOOC will enable Zhi to lead Nexen to collaboratively deliver results for CNOOC. Zhi is well known to Nexen's leadership. He has an in-depth understanding of Nexen and has been directly involved in all aspects of integration over the past year.

"I'm very pleased to accept this role," stated Zhi. "Nexen is well positioned to create significant value for CNOOC Limited; we've made tremendous gains on integration, our portfolio of assets is world-class, and we have an outstanding team of employees who are committed to driving our success. I'm looking forward to being a part of our organization's bright future."

CNOOC's strategy and priorities for Nexen, as a wholly-owned subsidiary, remain unchanged.

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