Halliburton to build drilling, testing and training facility in Texas


Halliburton to build drilling, testing and training facility in Texas

CAMERON, Texas -- Halliburton has reported plans for a drilling, testing and training facility near Cameron that will include testing and training wells; a workshop for tool preparation and inspection; offices; classrooms; and conference rooms.

Halliburton will use the facility to test new technologies and to train employees for all of its business lines. The company’s Corporate Innovation group is managing the facility.

Construction began in March 2013 and is expected to be completed in late summer 2014, when the custom rig is delivered and commissioned. Training classes will include up to 25 people per class, with future plans to train up to 150 employees at a time.

Halliburton contracted with Trinidad Design & Manufacturing to build a custom drilling rig designed for drilling, product testing and training activities. Halliburton also has contracted with Iron Horse Ranch to construct and operate an employee lodging facility near the location. This facility will be used exclusively by Halliburton employees and contracted personnel who are attending training sessions and testing events.

Halliburton purchased more than 1,300 acres at the location on County Road 139, north of Cameron, in 2012.

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