Encana to sell U.S. LNG assets to Stabilis Energy


Encana to sell U.S. LNG assets to Stabilis Energy

BEAUMONT, Texas -- Stabilis Energy has signed a definitive agreement to purchase substantially all of the U.S. based assets of Encana Natural Gas Inc. (ENGI).

Denver-based ENGI is a leading distributor of LNG fuel to domestic high horsepower engine operators in the oilfield, mining, rail, marine, over the road transportation, and industrial sectors. ENGI is a subsidiary of Encana Corporation. The transaction is scheduled to close on April 30, 2014.

"We are proud to announce the addition of Encana Natural Gas Inc.'s people, assets, and customer relationships to Stabilis Energy," said Casey Crenshaw, President and CEO of Stabilis Energy.

In addition to adding ENGI's staff, Stabilis has agreed to purchase its fleet of cryogenic rolling stock assets including storage and regasification trailers, mobile fueling units, and other related equipment. Stabilis will fulfill all of ENGI's existing customer obligations including its existing contracts, subject to customer consent.

Stabilis plans to open its first LNG production facility in George West, Texas, in January 2015 to service oilfield customers in the Eagle Ford shale. The facility is being built as part of a previously announced venture with Flint Hills Resources LLC to build up to five LNG production facilities that target oilfield customers.

The George West facility is under construction now and will be able to produce approximately 100,000 LNG gallons per day when complete. Other targeted LNG liquefaction plant locations include West Texas, North Dakota, and other major oilfield regions. Stabilis also will continue to source fuel from ENGI's large existing third-party supply network.

"Encana is pleased that Stabilis Energy will carry on the outstanding LNG business that our Natural Gas team has worked hard to build over the past several years," said David Hill, executive V.P. of Encana Corporation. "Encana believes that natural gas has a bright future as a domestic fuel source for high horsepower engines and that LNG will be an important part of this value chain." Encana will remain a customer of Stabilis Energy for LNG.

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