dGB announces collaboration with OMV, Joanneum Research


dGB announces collaboration with OMV, Joanneum Research

ENSCHEDE, the Netherlands -- dGB Earth Sciences has announced an agreement with the Austrian-based Research Institute Joanneum Research and OMV Aktiengesellschaft to extend both the capabilities and utilization of dGB’s OpendTect software.

As part of the agreement, OMV and Joanneum will expand their use of OpendTect, the only available open source seismic interpretation platform used in the oil and gas industry, as well as contribute to its future development through the sharing of their jointly owned texture attribute code, thereby increasing control and interpretation options.

“We have no doubt that this multi-faceted relationship between dGB, Joanneum and OMV is of enormous value to not only the three organizations involved but our entire OpendTect user base,” said dGB Earth Services CEO, Kristofer Tingdahl.

The collaboration will see OMV and Joanneum extend their use of OpendTect in their ongoing operational and research activities.

OMV is to purchase an additional OpendTect Seismic Interpretation Platform and plugin license suite as well as upgrade all existing licenses to full global licenses. Joanneum is to double its number of OpendTect licenses and plugins. Software that will be purchased include OpendTect’s HorizonCube, Sequence Stratigraphy Interpretation System (SSIS), Well Correlation, Neural Network, Seismic Spectral Blueing and Seismic Coloured Inversion plugins.

On the R&D side, Joanneum and OMV have agreed to donate their jointly-owned texture attribute code as a contribution to OpendTect’s open source capabilities with the code being made available to all OpendTect users at no cost.

The texture attribute provide a step forward in the level of control of a number of directions. Additionally, a higher number of grey levels can be defined and further GLCM (Gray-Level Co-occurrence Matrices)-based attributes made available. Joanneum is also to continue to provide support and enhancements to this code as part of a three-year partnership with dGB.

OMV is also an established member of dGB’s Sequence Stratigraphy Interpretation System (SSIS) consortium, a multi-client sponsored effort to improve OpendTect’s SSIS capabilities and which also includes, among its members, Wintershall, Marathon, Aramco, RocOil, MOL and Woodside.

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