Pluspetrol used Dopeless technology in Vaca Muerta shale well


Pluspetrol used Dopeless technology in Vaca Muerta shale well

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina -- Pluspetrol successfully used Dopeless technology for the first time in a horizontal well in Vaca Muerta, a field in the Argentine province of Neuquén. This field has technically recoverable resources of 20 billion bbl of oil and 583 Tcf of gas.

The company selected 7 in. and 5 in. casing with TenarisHydril Wedge 513 and Wedge 563 Dopeless premium connections. TenarisHydril Wedge Series 500 connections were designed for demanding applications in which high torque strength is critical. Tenaris provided technical assistance throughout the operation.

Pluspetrol drilled the PSO-1009h well to a total depth of 3,900 m (11,811 ft). The operation was completed safely without rejects and re-makeups. Dopeless technology is a dry, multifunctional coating applied at Tenaris mills in a controlled industrial process. This process ensures that the exact amount of lubricant is used, minimizing the risk of re-make ups and rejects, and increasing the reliability of the installation.

"Minimizing running times could reduce problems associated to the presence of fluids inflows. Having used Dopeless technology resulted in a good alternative as we faced the possibility of having to run the pipes without completely killing the well," said Lisandro Garza, Pluspetrol Drilling Engineer.

Running a shale well requires high torque resistance, while the fracturing stage demands tubular products with high resistance to internal pressure and tensile loads. Nicolás Rebasa, from Tenaris’ Technical Sales team in Argentina, explained that "in every unconventional well, the hydraulic fracturing operation defines the mechanical design of the production casing, which must not only withstand high internal pressures during stimulation (between 10,000 and 14,000 psi) but also high axial tensile loads induced by low temperatures and high pumping rates."

Tenaris worked side-by-side with Pluspetrol throughout the entire operation. Specialists assisted the customer with string design, material selection, pipe management with just-in-time delivery, make-up of accessories at Tenaris centers, and field service assistance during the running.

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