Paradigm launches new miniature CT system


Paradigm launches new miniature CT system

ABERDEEN -- Paradigm Flow Services, an oil and gas blockage removal specialist, has launched Flexi-Coil Extended Reach, to extend riser and flowline blockage remediation and internal inspection lengths. The company is now calling on North Sea operators to collaborate on applications for the technology.

Conventional methods for remediating riser and flowline blockages are limited, due to deployment difficulties and inability to overcome bends and safely navigate beyond 200 m. Flexi-Coil Extended Reach has been proven in tests up to 2,000 m; the company anticipates it will eventually be able to handle distances up to 4,000 m. The firm is undertaking major projects with an international operator in West Africa.

The system, based on miniaturized CT principals, can be deployed in-situ into risers and flowlines, and provides a safe solution to unblock these lines when working from an FPSO. The = system can carry out high-pressure jetting, and chemical and nitrogen injection over long distances, to de-sand, de-wax and de-pressurize hydrate plugs.

The technology can be adapted for several applications. In the UK, integrity of flexible risers is becoming a more prominent issue, and inspection tools can be added to the system to address that challenge. Flexi-Coil Extended Reach can also be used for decommissioning, to clean flowlines in-situ for safe abandonment.

The Flexi-Coil Extended Reach system comprises a BOP stack, thruster system and lightweight composite hose reel. With capacity to clear sand and wax plugs, there is a mechanism to deploy the water through the outer annulus of the hose, and return through the inner hose. The operation is managed by Paradigm engineers.

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