NCS combines slickwater with high-density fracing


NCS combines slickwater with high-density fracing

CALGARY, Canada -- NCS Energy Services has announced the successful completion of two horizontal Cardium wells, employing a first-time combination of high-rate slickwater and the NCS Multistage Unlimited fracturing system. The company placed more than 60 frac stages in one well, with aggressive spacing of individual fracture stages. 

“We continue to be pleased with the success we are seeing as we push the envelope of multistage completions,” said Eric Schmelzl, V.P. of Strategic Business for NCS Energy Services.  “This successful combination of the Multistage Unlimited system with high-rate slickwater opens new avenues for bringing precision and predictability to unconventional completions.”

Treating rates of 49 bbl/min (7.8m3/min) enabled placement of 40 frac stages in a single 24-hour period, making tightly spaced fractures a viable and economical alternative to less precise and unpredictable stimulation methods.  Cemented NCS GripShift casing sleeves provided fast and reliable formation access, and subsequent analysis of downhole gauge data identified any hydraulic communication between frac stages. 

Calfrac Well Services provided the field execution of the new marriage of slickwater technology with high-density pinpoint fracture placement, believed to be an industry first in the evolution of multistage completion technology.

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