Success for China’s first four shale gas well zipper frac


Success for China’s first four shale gas well zipper frac

YANTAI, China -- China's first four shale gas well zipper fracturing went smoothly at the Changning H2 national demonstrative shale gas mining block in Sichuan earlier this month. It is currently the most advanced shale gas factory operation around the world. And its success theoretically doubles working efficiency and highlights the performance of the Chinese equipment.

A total of 32 of the most advanced frac spread for 4 horizontal wells completed the 56-stage fracturing operation, with a total of 31.7 million gal liquid and 12.1 million lbs of sand injected, many times that required for conventional shale gas fracturing.

To guarantee stability and safety, 32 sets of equipment were used. These included 13 JEREH units (2,500hp), 6 JEREH units (2,000hp), 8 HALLIBUTON units (2,000hp) and 5 S&S units (2,000hp) with a total output power of 7,000hhp.

Due to the high requirements for the equipment, two sand blenders break down at the early stage of operation and it is noticeable that JEREH sand blenders show reliable performance to ensure the smooth completion.

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