BG Group's Kenyan well finds hydrocarbons, analysis neeeded


BG Group's Kenyan well finds hydrocarbons, analysis neeeded

PERTH, Australia -- The Sunbird-1 well operated by BG Group, using the drillship Deepsea Metro-1, has reached a final depth of 2,850 m below the drill floor. The water depth is 723 m. The well is in Kenya's block L10A.

The top of the Sunbird Miocene Pinnacle Reef was penetrated at 1,583.7 m subsea. The Sunbird Miocene Reef has been found to contain a hydrocarbon column; however, the vertical extent of the hydrocarbon column has not yet been determined due to the difficulty of assessing wireline logs in the upper section of the reef where there were extensive losses of drilling fluid into highly porous and permeable parts of the reservoir.

Hydrocarbon samples have been recovered for detailed analyses. The full nature of the hydrocarbons will not be known until geochemical and other analyses have been completed.

At this early stage of results interpretation, BG Group has advised that it is not yet in a position to properly and fully estimate the vertical extent of the hydrocarbon column, the potential volumes of hydrocarbons, or to provide an accurate assessment of the nature of the hydrocarbons; nor is it in a position to comment on whether the volumes of hydrocarbons discovered appear to be commercial or sub-commercial.

Recent and current activities include wireline logging, formation and fluid sampling and preparations for completing the well.

It is intended that Sunbird-1 will be “plugged and abandoned” in accordance with the planned drilling programme.

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