Halliburton introduces well design, placement solution


Halliburton introduces well design, placement solution

HOUSTON -- Halliburton launched recently its Drilling Engineering Solutions (DES) service. As drilling complexities increase, the need for comprehensive solutions continues to grow. DES provides fully integrated, custom-engineered solutions to optimize well design and placement -- from high volume wells to complex environments.

DES combines expertise and experience across multiple Halliburton product service lines: Sperry Drilling, Baroid and Halliburton Drill Bits and Services, and is powered by Landmark Software. The DrillingXpert proprietary solution delivery platform allows DES teams to design an entire performance drilling system on a single platform.

The DrillingXpert platform is built on Landmark’s DecisionSpace Well Engineering software and the Engineer’s Data Model (EDM) application, a well data management solution. Utilizing the widely deployed DecisionSpace platform allows DES to exchange drilling technical information readily and more efficiently.

The core of the DES solution delivery is the Drilling Engineering Solution Centers (DESCs), which provide engineering, monitoring and support.

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