NEWS FROM EMGC 2014: Eastern Mediterranean Gas Conference opens with Israeli plant tours


NEWS FROM EMGC 2014: Eastern Mediterranean Gas Conference opens with Israeli plant tours


TEL AVIV – A select group of delegates attending Gulf Publishing’s Eastern Mediterranean Gas Conference 2014 availed themselves of the opportunity to get an up-close tour of the IDE desalinization plant in Hadera and IAI Elta’s defense electronics R&D and manufacturing facility in Ashdod.

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EMGC 2014 plant tour participants taste clean water delivered by IDE's seawater desalination plant in Hadera

IDE Technologies’ Hadera seawater reverse osmosis (SWRO) plant was commissioned in 2009 to produce potable water for Israel’s water authority. The plant is currently producing 120,000 m³/day, but has a capacity of 456,000 m³/day. The plant intakes the Mediterranean seawater and returns the byproduct of brine back to the sea. The produced water is also used for agriculture after removal of boron.

In October 2013, IDE built the world’s desalination plant in Sorek, Israel, and is operating such plants throughout the world, including a plant for India’s Reliance refinery in Jamnagar. For the upstream oil and gas industry, IDE operates a steam injection plant at Wintershall’s heavy oil field in northern Germany. The company is also active in Canada’s oilsands facilities and plans to enter the water treatment business for North America’s shale plays.

Israel’s Aerospace Industry (IAI) Elta facility in Ashdod gained its reputation for defense electronics after its deployment of the Iron Dome for monitoring and intercepting incoming missiles from the Gaza Strip.

According to Amnon Sofrin, senior consultant to Elta, the company has developed electronics surveillance systems for oilfield offshore installations, onshore facilities such as refineries , and pipelines. For security reasons, Sofrin could not divulge whether Noble’s offshore structures in the Mediterranean have been fortified with Elta security systems. The Elta systems make use of long-range radar, cameras and fiber-optic motion sensors to monitor a 1,400 sq km area from a central control center.

According to Sofrin, the oil and gas industry suffers more than $500 million loss every year from physical and  cybersecurity attacks. More than 20 attacks have occurred on deepwater facilities during 2008-10, of which 85% were offshore Nigeria.     

Continuing conference coverage. EMGC 2014 is the first international event in Israel with a global audience, covering all segments of the oil and gas industry. The main conference program spans two days, March 11–12, and includes presentations from high-level executives of prominent companies operating in the region, as well as from Israeli and Cypriot government representatives. 

Stay tuned to,, and for more media coverage of this groundbreaking event for Israel and for the regional gas industry.


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