Investigators arrive at TAQA’s Harding platform following fatality


Investigators arrive at TAQA’s Harding platform following fatality

ABERDEEN, UK -- TAQA has confirmed that a team from the company, along with investigators from Police Scotland and the UK’s Health and Safety Executive, has arrived on the Harding platform following the tragic death of an employee early yesterday morning.

TAQA will conduct its own inquiry and is co-operating with all external investigations. The company is also offering its support to the employee's family.

The incident happened just after 2.15am yesterday when the employee fell overboard during maintenance activity on the platform. The employee was recovered from the sea by a support vessel and flown by helicopter to hospital in Shetland.

The remaining 108 people who were on the platform are safe and accounted for. Production has been shut down on the platform and an operation is underway to downman 74 non-essential personnel from the installation.

The Harding platform is owned and operated by TAQA; it is located 320 km northeast of Aberdeen.

Harding is a jack-up production unit serving as a manned production facility for the Harding field, in Block 9/23b.  TAQA has a 70% interest in the installation. The other partner is Maersk, which holds the remaining 30%.

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