Royal Purple introduces ultra-efficient lubricants for oil industry


Royal Purple introduces ultra-efficient lubricants for oil industry

PORTER, Texas -- Synthetic lubricant manufacturer Royal Purple has introduced a new line of solutions for industrial machinery. Applications for these lubricants include those found in the oil drilling industry, such as specialty hydraulic oils, pressure pumping gear oils, heavy duty transmission oils and packing lubricants. 

Formulated with Royal Purple’s proprietary additive, Synslide, the line of industrial lubricants and fluids have been proven to not only extend the life of production equipment, but also reduce the frequency of maintenance needed. This, in turn, reduces pumping downtime, increases overall production and allows more product to be recovered in a given time.

Synslide protects against boundary lubrication—lubrication between two rubbing surfaces without development of a full-fluid lubricating film—typically caused by heavy loads, shock loads and slow operating speeds. The new product line comprises Syndraulic, Synergy, CMT and Ultra-Performance Grease.

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