Halliburton announces commercial release of ControlFrac service


Halliburton announces commercial release of ControlFrac service

HOUSTON -- Halliburton’s Pinnacle has announced the commercialization of ControlFrac, a solution that combines Pinnacle’s FiberWatch service with Halliburton’s AccessFrac diversion technology, to optimize cluster efficiency.

ControlFrac service is the industry’s first real-time optimization solution, putting users in control of cluster efficiency and fracture initiation during stimulation. Integrating FiberWatch services with AccessFrac technology enables real-time diagnostics and successful well stimulation.

Pinnacle’s FiberWatch service includes distributive temperature sensing and distributive acoustic sensing fiber optics, which detects limited entry and poor fracture initiation during pumping. AccessFrac diversion technology optimizes fluid and proppant distribution across all clusters, resulting in accelerated production and higher estimated ultimate recovery.


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