Bakken operators deploy DrillEdge mud motor failure capability


Bakken operators deploy DrillEdge mud motor failure capability

HOUSTON -- Verdande Technology, a provider of real-time predictive analytics decision management solutions, has announced the launch of DrillEdge mud motor failure capability. The product aims to improve drilling efficiency, and deliver wells consistently within prescribed times, while minimizing downhole risks.

DrillEdge uses predictive analytics, such as case-based reasoning (CBR), to identify key indicators of potential mud motor failure, and to take action before drilling operations are impacted, or costly tool damage occurs. The solution monitors for early symptoms of damage sustained ahead of an outright failure by relating mechanical specific energy (MSE), a well-established downhole drilling performance efficiency metric, to accumulated downhole tool stress.

It delivers real-time predictive analytics to provide decision management solutions that lower risks and reduce non-productive time (NPT), while improving drilling performance. DrillEdge uses an index of data to monitor for issues related to hole cleaning/stuck pipes; lost circulation and hole ballooning; twist-off; bit damage; gas trends; drillstring washout; differential sticking; and motor damage.

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