Lockheed Martin to supply ARKeX with enhanced gravity gradiometers


Lockheed Martin to supply ARKeX with enhanced gravity gradiometers

CAMBRIDGE -- ARKeX has entered into an exclusive 10-year agreement with Lockheed Martin to provide ARKeX with the next generation of full tensor gravity gradiometers (eFTG) which will be available for airborne and marine geophysical surveying.

ARKeX’s multi-instrument agreement will increase existing capacity and forms an integral part of the growth strategy for the Company. The eFTG’s will offer a significant improvement in resolution over the current instrumentation and further enhance geological understanding. The improved resolution will give ARKeX the ability to develop new products and services for the natural resource exploration industry. This will not only allow new resources to be discovered but also reduce exploration timelines and costs.

Gravity gradiometry measures variations in the earth’s gravitational field and is a direct measure of the density distribution of the subsurface. The information can help to build a picture of subsurface anomalies, which can then be used by natural resource exploration companies to more accurately target hydrocarbon and mineral deposits.

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