Vallourec to offer umbilical tubes for offshore market


Vallourec to offer umbilical tubes for offshore market

BOULOGNE-BILLANCOURT, France -- Vallourec has launched a new offer for the offshore market: the production of welded stainless steel tubes, to be fitted into umbilicals. Although they do not transport any produced oil or gas, umbilicals are a key component in a subsea installation, connecting equipment on the seabed to a control station at the surface. The umbilical tubes will be produced at the new Vallourec Umbilicals plant in Venarey-Les Laumes (Côte-d'Or, France). Elaborated with Total as technical sponsor, this new product widens Vallourec's offerings for offshore operations.

The continuous production process developed by Vallourec allows for the production of tubes of 10 to 30 km, with a minimum number of butt welds, reducing "weak" points, and unmatched welding quality. Vallourec's tubes will be inserted in the umbilicals, alongside other components (electric cables, carbon rods, optical fibers). They will carry utility fluids necessary for production operations.

After having obtained its ISO 9001 and Bureau Veritas certifications, Vallourec Umbilicals has become an approved supplier for Total, and is currently in the qualification process by its clients, the umbilicals manufacturers. The plant is already working on a prototype order; actual industrial ramp-up is expected to take place in 2014.

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