Sercel launches new land acquisition system


NEWS FROM SEG 2013 Sercel launches new land acquisition system

Paris -- Sercel has announced the launch of its new 508XT system, which heralds a new paradigm in land seismic acquisition by offering MegaCrews the ability to record up to one million channels in real-time, resulting in unparalleled image resolution.

The 508XT is the first member of Sercel’s new generation of state-of-the-art land seismic acquisition systems. It is designed to drive crew productivity, operating flexibility and data quality to a new level.

Powered by Sercel’s new step-changing cross-technology architecture, branded as X-Tech or XT for short, the 508XT system combines the best of cabled and wireless system technologies and integrates a host of exciting new capabilities.  X-Tech allows access to data with zero downtime and in real-time thanks to a new generation of intelligent networking technology. Specific features for local data storage, automatic rerouting, and new levels of redundancy and quality control ensure non-stop production.

Along with the 508XT system, Sercel also introduces QuietSeis a new, high-performance digital sensor based on next-generation MEMS, allowing seismic signals to be recorded with three times less instrument noise than before. Compatible with Sercel’s leading VE464 vibroseis solution, the 508XT and QuietSeis offer the best single-sensor acquisition solution, making data capture easier, faster and more accurate.

In addition, with its reduced weight, need for fewer people per crew and reduced battery unit requirement (up to 100 times less than competing systems), the 508XT increases crew productivity and significantly reduces acquisition costs while continuing to accommodate a wide range of sensors (1C or multicomponent, digital or analog).

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