Paradigm introduces new open and integrated platform


Paradigm introduces new open and integrated platform

HOUSTON -- Paradigm has unveiled Paradigm Epic, an open and integrated platform included in the Paradigm 2014 release. In addition to Epic, Paradigm 2014 presents workflows for full-azimuth imaging, tomography, formation evaluation, facies analysis and modeling.  Paradigm Epic will be released in stages, beginning with the infrastructure that will unify Paradigm’s suite of applications into a single integrated console, scheduled for release this year.  Connectors to third-party platforms, such as Petrel, JavaSeis and ArcGIS, will also become available in 2013, and early 2014, augmenting pre-existing connections into OpenWorks, GeoFrame and OpenSpirit.

Paradigm applications are already integrated at the database level through the Epos infrastructure. Epic will add a common user interface to this integration, reducing the learning curve between applications, and making information shareable in real time.

The new platform ensures unprecedented interconnectivity among third-party applications.  Developers will be able to integrate their applications into Epic royalty-free, using either an application-level plug-in, or through the underlying Epos database.  Developers connecting into the platform will be free to build similar plug-ins for any other vendor. The new architecture will support the first truly open database for E&P data.

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