NEWS FROM SEG 2013: MicroSeismic announces PSET 5.0


NEWS FROM SEG 2013: MicroSeismic announces PSET 5.0

HOUSTON -- MicroSeismic announced today its next generation of patented Passive Seismic Emission Tomography, PSET 5.0. The technology provides the first high-definition surface microseismic service for the upstream oil and gas industry.

With this latest release, MicroSeismic also introduced controlled amplitude processing, which allows provision of true magnitude for each event.  This allows operators to compare event magnitudes from well-to-well and basin-to-basin, and allows for highly accurate discrete fracture networks.

In addition to high-definition image processing capabilities, PSET 5.0 enables: highly accurate discrete fracture networks, event focal mechanism analysis, true and accurate event magnitudes, accurate event timing, a viewing area across the entire well or pad, unbiased imaging, calculated uncertainty for each event, and a geo-hazard alert system accessible through any wireless device, including smart phones.

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