AGR Enhanced Drilling extends its Caspian contract


AGR Enhanced Drilling extends its Caspian contract

STRAUME -- Offshore drilling solutions provider AGR Enhanced Drilling has further secured its position in the Caspian after BP signed a two year contract extension with the company. The extension, which runs from January 1, 2013 and was signed by BP Exploration (Caspian Sea), will see Enhanced Drilling extend the placement of its permanent staff in Baku, Azerbaijan, along with equipment and facililties.

This continued local presence will mean Enhanced Drilling is even better placed to provide highquality services.

Its Riserless Mud Recovery system (RMR) enables operators to use weighted mud during top hole drilling.  All mud and cuttings are returned to the rig, with no  discharge to the sea. The result is a safer, more stable  top hole, drilled with minimal environmental impact.

The Managed Pressure Cementing (MPC) system is  another proven risk-reduction tool, this time enabling the  successful isolation of high pressure, unconsolidated  water and gas bearing formations with high performance  cement, even in narrow pressure window scenarios.

RMR and the CTS Cuttings Transportation System have together been deployed on more than 500 wells worldwide to date.

Harald Fiksdal, VP Operations at Enhanced  Drilling, said: “We’re delighted with the extension of the  contract which fits in with our long term goals regarding  our continued growth in the Caspian. Enhanced Drilling is  also looking forward to continuing its tradition when it  comes to developing future safety enhancing, valueadding technologies.”

Last year, Enhanced Drilling built on its reputation for step change technological solutions with the introduction of the EC Drill managed pressure drilling system, which was used on three deepwater wells in the Gulf of Mexico.

EC Drill solves the challenge of the narrow-pressure window in deep-water drilling, where the formation can fracture if the bottom hole pressure (BHP) is too high; if the BHP is too low, this may cause an influx. EC Drill offers greater control of the BHP as it is not solely regulated by mudweight but also by the level of fluid in the riser.

Not only is there the potential to reduce the number of casings, saving time and money, but safety is also enhanced thanks to improved kick/loss detection, improved hole stability and the possibility  of drilling with riser margin.

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