Four die after helicopter ditches in North Sea


Four die as helicopter ditches in North Sea

ABERDEEN -- A CHC Helicopter AS332-L2 aircraft was on approach to Sumburgh Airport at 18.30 BST (17.30 UTC/GMT) on Friday, August 23, when contact was lost with air traffic control.

The aircraft landed in the water, approximately two nautical miles west of Sumburgh. It had travelled from Aberdeen to the North Alwyn platform and then on to the Borgsten Dolphin before heading toward Sumburgh.

The Maritime Coastguard Helicopter from Sumburgh along with other rescue services promptly responded to the scene.

Sixteen passengers and two crew members were on board the aircraft. 17 people have been accounted for, and one remains missing. 14 people were taken to hospital. Tragically, four people have lost their lives as a result of the incident.

RAF Search and Rescue 137 and 138, along with the Jigsaw aircraft, were involved in the rescue effort. A specialist medical team was also mobilised from Aberdeen Royal Infirmary to provide additional support in Sumburgh.

A full investigation into the cause of the incident will be carried out in conjunction with the Air Accident Investigation Branch, representatives of which are currently on their way to the scene.

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