Momentive offers resin-coated proppants for Canadian low-temperature wells


Momentive offers resin-coated proppants for Canadian low-temperature wells


HOUSTON -- The Oilfield Technology Group (OTG) of Momentive Specialty Chemicals has released a new resin-coated proppant technology for fracturing service companies and operators in the Canadian oil and gas industry.

Momentive’s Yukon Black proppants are a next-generation resin-coated sand that bonds at low temperatures. These proppants are ideal for fracture treatments in the low-temperature reservoirs in Canada, where flowback control is necessary.  Low-temperature bonding, down to 70°F bottom-hole static temperature, is achieved without the use of a consolidation aid. 

Along with these features, the Yukon Black proppant Stress Bond technology delivers all the typical advantages of a curable resin-coated proppant. This includes proppant flowback control, proppant embedment minimization and proppant fines reduction, which all lead to enhanced well production.  These advanced new proppants are being manufactured in Momentive’s proppant production plant in Sturgeon County, near Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta.

Resin-coated proppants are used in the hydraulic fracturing process to help optimize production from oil and gas wells by maximizing fracture flow capacity, from the reservoir to the wellbore. Technological innovations and the company’s introduction of enhanced materials have expanded the use of resin-coated proppants into unconventional reservoirs that feature complex and challenging geological formations.

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