SIGMA3 launches new platform for geophysicists and modelers


SIGMA3 launches new platform for geophysicists and modelers

HOUSTON -- SIGMA3 Integrated Reservoir Solutions, Inc. announced the launch of the enhanced CRYSTAL 2013, an expert-level platform for geophysicists and modelers, at the inaugural Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTeC). CRYSTAL 2013 helps GeoEngineers build models that connect microseismically derived Stimulated Reservoir Volume (SRV) to actual produced volumes in the context of 3D seismic, geologic and well log data.

CRYSTAL 2013 drills into available data with new SIGMA3 tools, including broadband spectral inversion capabilities for resolution enhancement and specialized tools for natural fracture modeling. These enhancements will allow users to better resolve structure, stress anisotropy, stratigraphy, texture, rock physics, total organic content, fracture density, petrophysics, and ultimately, improve reservoir quality.

Important field development decisions, including lateral azimuth, stratigraphic target and landing zone, well spacing (lateral and vertical), stage spacing, and well locations can be quantitatively supported and optimized in CRYSTAL 2013.

SIGMA3 is demonstrating CRYSTAL 2013 in Booth 1039 during the URTeC.

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