ADIPEC 2013 to spotlight evolution of energy, growing role of gas


ADIPEC 2013 to spotlight evolution of energy, growing role of gas


ABU DHABI -- The Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition and Conference (ADIPEC) is set to highlight the evolution of energy, and the shift in the balance of hydrocarbon power from oil to gas in the region.

Under the theme ‘Energy for all in a Changing World,’ the four-day event will also feature new components, including a dedicated business conference, an expanded technical conference, a focus on the role of women in the oil and gas industry, and the addition of ‘Young ADIPEC’ – a comprehensive program designed to encourage the industry’s future leaders.

The event will also include an expanded ADIPEC Awards, featuring two new categories: ‘Empowerment of Women in Gas and Oil’ and ‘Young ADIPEC Engineer.’

Currently, the Middle East and North Africa region is home to more than 52% of the world’s proven oil reserves, and 42% of the world’s proven gas reserves. With natural gas considered a cleaner alternative to coal, as a fuel for energy production, its demand is set for continued growth as governments adopt policies to reduce the environmental impact of energy generation. 

ADIPEC’s first business conference will examine the emerging role of gas as a primary energy source in the region, in addition to other topics like field development, drilling and completions, maintenance, integrity, HSE and security, geosciences and gas processing technology. With huge strides being made in retrieving shale gas and oil, and a string of significant recent discoveries, shale’s potential will come under review at the event.

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