Intech releases new corrosion-resistant coating by DuPont


Intech releases new corrosion-resistant coating by DuPont


NEWARK, Delaware -- Intech Services is releasing a new DuPont Teflon industrial coating that is the first truly water-based, low-VOC, easy-to-use coating with a corrosion resistance of up to 3,000 salt spray hr. Specifically engineered for coating offshore, chemical processing and water treatment fasteners, the new coating is targeted toward applications requiring corrosion resistance, anti‐galling and dry lubrication capabilities.

Salt spray test results performed by an outside company showed excellent corrosion resistance, Intech said, even without surface pretreatment. The corrosion resistance can be enhanced if used with recommended primers and substrate pretreatments. Fasteners with a zinc base coat of .3 mils easily passed ASTM testing of less than 10% red rust at 3,000 salt spray hr. Excellent corrosion resistance can also be achieved without pretreatments on aluminum steel and stainless steel substrates.

These water-based coatings can be applied to thicknesses of 1 to 4.5 mils. Curing temperatures of 450°F improve the process, with less bake time and energy required.

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