Kleinfelder expert to chair ASTM subcommittee on hydraulic fracturing


Kleinfelder expert to chair ASTM subcommittee on hydraulic fracturing

CRANBERRY, Pennsylvania — Kleinfelder’s hydrogeology practice leader Jeffrey Hale has been appointed chairman of ASTM International’s Subcommittee on hydraulic fracturing (D18.26). Formed in 2012, D18.26 develops standards that will promote best practices in hydraulic fracturing operations.

“D18.26 serves an important role in the oil and gas industry,” said Robert Templeton, energy market segment manager at Kleinfelder.  “There is a need for consensus standards that can guide oil and gas professionals through this dynamic field.  Jeffrey’s technical expertise and passion for the subject will make him a great leader of this important subcommittee.”

Comprised of more than 200 members, D18.26 is the largest subcommittee within ASTM’s Committee on Soil and Rock, or Committee D18.  Members include representatives from academia, the oil and gas industry, environmental groups, engineering firms, federal regulators, permitting bodies and state and local governments. 

Jeffrey will direct the activities of multiple sections of hydraulic fracturing topics including site characterization, construction of facilities, borehole operations, drilling fluid abandonment and data recording, among others.

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