FES patents Automatic Bend Stiffener Connector


FES patents Automatic Bend Stiffener Connector

NORTHUMBERLAND -- Fluid transfer systems supplier FES International has patented its new Automatic Diverless Bend Stiffener Connector (DBSC), and has secured roughly $15 million in orders for its latest product.

The Automatic DBSCs reduce the cost of subsea installation of risers and umbilicals, removing the need for either a dive spread or work-over ROV that existing bend stiffeners require. FES says its new product could save in the region of circa $460,000 to $610,000 on the cost of installation.

The subsea technology firm has patented the automatic end fitting release system as part of continuing development of its Bend Stiffener Connector product line. The design provides quick, efficient, safe and cost-effective installation in congested and confined areas.

The new technology was developed in collaboration with Shell as part of a $2.4-million contract for six Automatic DBSCs for Shell’s Prelude FLNG operations off the coast of Western Australian. The whole project, from order to delivery, including the prototype and testing of the new units, was delivered in just nine months.

The firm currently has more than 150 DBSC units in operation across the globe, including West Africa, Australia, the Gulf of Mexico, Brazil and the North Sea.

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