Moncla platform workover rig bound for Hilcorp Alaska project


Moncla platform workover rig bound for Hilcorp Alaska project

LAFAYETTE -- Moncla Offshore Operations will transport its first platform workover rig, the Moncla 301, to Cook Inlet in Alaska, for use on a Hilcorp Alaska project, announced Mike Moncla, CEO of the five Moncla companies.    

The Moncla 301 was contracted by Hilcorp Alaska, a subsidiary of Hilcorp Energy Company, which is a privately-held exploration and production company based in Houston. The rig is one of two workover rigs being built by Louisiana manufacturer, Superior Derrick Services, at its facility in Parks, La., to be used in the Cook Inlet project. The rigs were specially designed to sustain the harsh conditions of Alaska’s winter.

The Moncla 301 will be transported from the Parks facility in several truckloads beginning in late June, bound for the Cook Inlet site.

The Moncla 301 will be on the Granite Point platform, and is scheduled to rig up in late June. The other rig, owned by Hilcorp and set to arrive in Alaska in July, is scheduled for the Graying platform. Moncla will provide the labor force, adding more than 50 employees to the Moncla team, for both rigs.

The Moncla companies include: Moncla Marine, Moncla Workover and Drilling, Moncla Offshore Operations, Moncla E-line Services and Brother’s Oilfield Service and Supply (BOSS).

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