Tam International launches FastSwell elastomers for fast, controlled swelling


Tam International launches FastSwell elastomers for fast, controlled swelling

HOUSTON – TAM International has launched a new line of TAM FastSwell elastomers, adding to their extensive FREECAP swellable packer product offering. TAM FastSwell provides a fast, controlled swell time at lower temperatures and high salinities, where conventional elastomers on the market underperform.

The TAM FastSwell product line was developed specifically for current challenging water-swell conditions in the U.S. Permian Basin and Russia frac markets, but both water-swell and oil-swell elastomers are now available worldwide. TAM FastSwell water-swell elastomers perform well for frac applications between 80⁰F and 120⁰F.

“We noticed an unmet industry need for swellable packers for wells with colder temperatures and higher salinities,” said Arthur Loginov, TAM Technical Manager. “Conventional elastomers currently available in the industry do not perform well in these environments but TAM FastSwell compound was specifically designed to swell evenly and predictably for these applications.”

This technology reduces production delays for well operators working in low bottomhole temperatures, because FastSwell packers allow hydraulic fracturing operations and completion activities to commence faster. Like all TAM elastomers, FastSwell does not rely on protective coatings to prevent premature swelling during the trip in the hole. Reliable prediction of swell times are designed into the numerous compounds developed specifically for various global well environment applications.

Extensive laboratory testing is performed at downhole temperatures and in the actual fluids in which they will be required to perform. Customers can also provide well fluid samples in advance and TAM performs well-specific lab testing to ensure the optimal elastomer design is selected.

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