Wison Engineering and Tianjin University to establish R&D center


Wison Engineering and Tianjin University to establish R&D center

SHANGHAI -- Wison  Engineering  Services, the largest private sector chemical EPC service provider  in  China,  has announced  that  Wison  Engineering  Ltd.,  one of the company’s  indirect,  non-wholly  owned  subsidiaries,  has  entered  into a cooperative  agreement with Tianjin University  to  co-establish  the  Tianjin  University  – Wison Research & Development Center for Energy and Chemical Technologies.

The collaboration will not only drive the commercialization of energy and chemical technology, but will also initiate research studies featuring cutting-edge technology  in  the  sector  to  promote  the integration of industrial and academic research.  As  such,  the transformation of research results to productivity  will  be  expedited, while  more proprietary technologies and facilities  with  intellectual  property  rights  will be developed by both parties.

The  primary  objective  of  the  joint  R&D  center, the company said,  is to develop leading synthesis  gas-to-ethanol  technology  in  China,  and  to  promote relevant technology  in international markets. In the next five years, the joint R&D center aims to complete the development and engineering of various synthesis gas-to-ethanol roadmaps.

The establishment of the joint R&D center represents a closer cooperative relationship, following the   cooperation in coal-to-ethylene glycol technologies between both parties in May 2011.

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