Cat Dynamic Gas Blending system receives CARB certification


Cat Dynamic Gas Blending system receives CARB certification

HOUSTON -- Caterpillar Global Petroleum has announced that the Cat Dynamic Gas Blending System for Cat 3512C Land Drilling applications received off-road aftermarket parts certification from the California Air Resources Board (CARB). The Cat DGB system is certified for use with fuels with a lower heating value (LHV) of between 905 BTU/scf to 1,250 BTU/scf, giving operators a wide range of fuel options, while meeting Tier 2 emission levels.

The Dynamic Gas Blending kit automatically adjusts to changes in incoming fuel quality and pressure, allowing engines to run on a wide variety of fuels, from associated gas to vaporized LNG, with no loss of performance integrity. It maintains diesel performance levels with up to 70% replacement of diesel with gas, accepts up to 55% inerts and can be applied to existing engines with EPA certification or exemption. No customer input or gas analysis is needed during operation, and no recalibration is required when the equipment is moved or the gas supply changes.

Caterpillar will offer both a CARB-certified kit, as well as a non-certified kit for non-regulated areas.

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