Jubilant Energy: Discovery at North Atharamura-1 well, Tripura Block


Jubilant Energy: Discovery at North Atharamura-1 well, Tripura Block


LONDON -- Jubilant Energy said that subsequent to the successful conventional testing in the Lower Bhuban formation in the North Atharamura-1 well in Tripura Block AA-ONN-2002/1, a notice of discovery has been submitted to the Management Committee of the Block and Government of India.

North Atharamura-1 is the second exploratory well of the two well Phase-II minimum work program for the Block; well reached a measured depth (MD) of 3,400 m.

Gross Lower Bhuban sand in the 2,175-2,195 m interval (Object-I) appeared promising on the logging-while-drilling logs and the presence of hydrocarbons was further validated by cased-hole porosity and sonic logs. Testing operation for Object-I started and the same was perforated.

Cement Bond logs and variable density logs showed poor to moderate cementation against this sand interval with a possible water leg below 2,195 meters MD.

Object-II in the 610-625 meters MD Middle Bhuban sand interval is yet to be tested.

Object-I flowed gas with some water, which, in all likelihood, is from the water leg due to poor cementation.

Gas rate was measured as 3,240-3,777 cfpd and water rate as 445-918 bpd at 32/64 inch choke size.

Jubilant holds a 20% participating interest in this block through its subsidiary Jubilant Oil & Gas Private Ltd, which is also the operator for the block; GAIL India holds the remaining 80% participating interest.

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