Duma prepares aerial gravity and magnetics program for Namibia


Duma prepares aerial gravity and magnetics program for Namibia

HOUSTON -- Duma Energy has announced that the tender process for its upcoming Aerial Gravity and Magnetics program over Blocks 1714A, 1715, 1814A, 1815A in the Owambo Basin of Northern Namibia has been completed by the operator Hydrocarb Energy Corporation.

The entire 5.3 million acre concession, approximately the size of Massachusetts, will be covered with high resolution gravity and magnetics which will enable the company to program a regional reconnaissance 2D seismic grid to be acquired early 2014.

Duma Energy Corp. and its partner Hydrocarb Energy Corporation have already performed an extensive geologic and geochemical field survey on their concession confirming the presence of crude oil from a probable carbonate source. This was according to a study performed by Weatherford Laboratories of Houston, Texas. In addition to the upcoming Gravity and Magnetics program, the existing 2D legacy seismic data that currently exists over the concession is in the process of being reprocessed. 85% of the concession is totally unexplored since less than 15% of the concession has seismic data coverage.


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