Duma Energy does 3D seismic of Galveston bay fields


Duma Energy does 3D seismic of Galveston bay fields

HOUSTON -- Duma Energy a U.S.-based oil and gas exploration and production company, has announced that it has received new 3D seismic data over its producing fields in Galveston Bay.

This new data, which covers three of Duma's fields in Galveston Bay, is part of a broader effort by several other large independent oil companies to identify and exploit the deeper potential believed to exist under the bay and surrounding areas. Duma is looking to exploit these deeper zones on its more than 18,000 acres in the bay. This new 3D seismic data will be an integral part of this effort and the Company is already working to have the newly received data analyzed and interpreted by its team.

Duma has not, to date, publicly assigned any value to the potential reserves in these deeper horizons, nor do the Company's past engineering reports estimate any reserves in these deeper intervals.
However, with the recent leasing of acreage and seismic acquisition by these other companies, Duma is now focused on identifying these potentially high-pressure, high-volume pay zones.

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