DNV to prepare recommended practice for drydock-free MOU inspection


DNV to prepare recommended practice for drydock-free MOU inspection

HOUSTON -- DNV announced that it is preparing a recommended practice (RP) for the surveying of mobile offshore units on location, in place of the traditional system of moving MOUs to sheltered waters or drydock facilities.

The DNV recommendations take into consideration the design and construction of MOUs, condition monitoring technologies, corrosion management programs, maintenance practices, survey regimes and new technologies for alternative means of inspection.

DNV’s recommended practice will be supported by explicit changes in the rules so that surveys carried out in an MOU’s normal operating environment can be adopted as normal, instead of treating them as special cases that require application for acceptance.

Unlike trading ships, which operate under a similar calendar-based survey system and regularly move from port to port, MOUs cannot be easily or readily moved from location to a shipyard for inspection. Currently, the preparation to mobilize an MOU can interrupt a drilling or production program, and many shipyards lack the facilities to accommodate mobile offshore units in drydock.

DNV said several industry players have already expressed support for drydock-free operations, and indicated that the adoption of such emerging technologies and practices would benefit the industry.

With regards to its new RP, DNV has already initiated discussions with many of the relevant flag, shelf and coastal state authorities that would later have oversight over MOUs within their jurisdiction.

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