Hydro Group unveils latest version of connector


Hydro Group unveils latest version of connector

ABERDEEN -- Hydro Group, a designer and manufacturer of underwater cables and connectors for oil and gas applications, has introduced its 36kV Dry Mate Hydro Bond Renewable Connector (HRC). The latest version of the product reduces has reduced its total installation time from 24 hours, to less than 12, and can carry three times the amount of power.

The reduced installation time means the 36kV Dry Mate HRC can be a lower-risk, more cost-effective, safer option, due to the reduction in offshore man hours. The connector has a 25-year operational lifespan, and the ability to work at water depths of 100 m and temperatures of -4 to 25° C.

The company said the new connector is being considered for a number of projects currently under development, which all involve submerged interconnection, with varying detail regarding systems architecture.

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