IMV Projects creates new vice president role in HSEQ


IMV Projects creates new vice president role in HSEQ

CALGARY -- IMV Projects, a Wood Group Mustang company, today announced the creation of a new vice president role within the company: Health, Safety, Environment and Quality (HSEQ). IMV Projects veteran Tom Fransham is the company’s first VP of HSEQ.

IMV Projects president Kevin O’Brien said the role represents a VP-level manager dedicated solely to technical safety and integrity management.

Fransham said an area of particular focus in his new role would be the Safety Leadership Programme (SLP), a Wood Group organization-wide intensive training initiative that reinforces safety leadership with a focus on process safety and integrity management.

Tom Fransham joined IMV Projects in 2006 as director of Project Services. He was subsequently promoted to VP of Engineering and Design/VP Quality Assurance.

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