Transpetro completes cleanup at beaches in southeast Brazil


Transpetro completes cleanup at beaches in southeast Brazil


RIO DE JANEIRO -- Transpetro said Monday that it had completed cleaning up marine fuel that washed up on three beaches north of an oil terminal on the coast of Sao Paulo state that was the site of a fuel spill late last week.

Transpetro, the logistics and transportation arm of Petrobras, said thick balls of congealed marine fuel were removed from the Capricornio, Massanguacu and Cocanha beaches in Caraguatatuba. The area is north of Sao Sebastiao and the Terminal Almirante Barroso, where marine fuel spilled from an offshore pier Friday. More than 50 percent of the crude oil consumed in Brazil passes through the terminal.

Contingency crews are continuing to monitor the three beaches, as well as the Cigarras and Ponta de Arpoador beaches in Sao Sebastiao, in case more fuel residues come ashore with the tide, Transpetro said.

Sao Sebastiao and Caraguatatuba are part of a popular resort area along Sao Paulo's coast. While Transpetro has removed globs of oil from the beaches and replaced soiled areas with fresh sand, Sao Sebastiao's environment secretary, Eduardo Hipolito do Rego, said other environmentally sensitive areas remained contaminated.

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