Varel Voyager bit sets new field benchmark in South Texas


Varel Voyager bit sets new field benchmark in South Texas

CARROLLTON -- Drill bit manufacturer Varel International has set a new field benchmark ROP with the first run of its V516DG1PR Voyager bit in South Texas.

The new 8¾-inch Voyager design and cutter configuration drilled from 2,750 ft to 7,400 ft depth, for total footage of 4,650 feet in 30 hours, and an average ROP of 155 ft/hr. This bit drilled faster than any other run in the same interval within seven miles, and drilled 41.5 ft/hr faster than the average offset.

When pulled, the dull bit exhibited little to no damage, with only three cutters needing replacement due to minor substrate erosion. As a result, the estimated repair cost was minimal.

Throughout the tangent drill-out section, the bit held 6.2 degrees and drilled formations that included 953 ft of surface; 571 ft of the Midway; 1,118 ft of the Escondido; 769 ft of the Olmos sands; 802 ft of the San Miguel; 245 ft of the Anacancho and 192 ft into the Austin Chalk, where the interval reached TD at KOP.

Based on previous performance of Voyager bits in offset wells, Varel recently introduced the V516DG1PR design. The 5-bladed bit features drop-in cutters and an all-TSP gauge for wear resistance. In addition, the PowerCutter structure design includes diamond shock studs for greater impact resistance and faster ROP.

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