Ulterra introduces CounterForce PDC bit technology


Ulterra introduces CounterForce PDC bit technology

FORT WORTH -- Ulterra today announced the introduction of CounterForce, a new PDC bit design technology that utilizes a unique cutter configuration to lower bit torque and vibration, creating more efficient failure of rock.

Unlike traditional PDC bits, the cutters of this patent-pending, step-change advancement in   PDC technology work together to lower lateral vibration and increase crack propagation. The CounterForce cutting structure is engineered to slice through rock, while maintaining a more consistent torque signature, thus increasing stability and ROP. CounterForce technology improves drilling efficiency and is being incorporated into many Ulterra PDC designs.

Early field runs have shown CounterForce-designed U519M bits drilling with improved toolface control and sliding ROP. In an Eagle Ford tangent drill-out interval, a CounterForce bit set a rig ROP record drilling 41% faster than the closest offset, saving the operator 15 hours and $50,000. In a Permian Basin Wolfcamp lateral, a CounterForce run finished the lateral 42% faster ROP than direct offsets, saving the operator a day of drilling. Hundreds of field tests, drilling nearly a million feet in multiple applications and plays across North America, validate that CounterForce technology consistently reduces torque and vibration problems and improves directional performance and dull conditions.

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